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Whirlpool Jet Kit Installation FAQ

Not sure if our system is right for you? Read through the frequently asked questions listed below for our whirlpool jet kit and installation.

Can the whirlpool jet kit be installed in my tub?

This system is easy to install in fiberglass, acrylic, plastic, and cultured marble tubs. You can also convert steel and cast iron tubs, however, there will be an additional cost for specialized drill bits. Factor this into your personal costs.

You will also need to have or create an access area to get inside the tub in order to be able to install the whirlpool pump, jets and hoses. The easiest access is generally through the wall on the non-plumbing side of the tub. While you can still create and access the tub from the plumbing wall side, the installation will be more difficult since you will have to work around the plumbing and fixtures already there.

Though these are NOT the only way you can access the tub, they show a few different configurations and examples of the best way to access the tubs shown. If you have questions about the best way to create access, please email us a photo or layout of your tub and surrounding walls or call us and we can help you determine the best access.

How long does it take to install a whirlpool jet kit?
Approximately 4-6 hours.
What about the electric requirements?

The pump needs to have its own GFCI. You will need a 110 circuit/15 amps.

How many jets does a kit have?

The standard kits come with 4, 6 or 8 jets. However, all of our kits are custom packed so you can have any number of jets. Simply select the extra jets, eyeballs, fittings and hoses when you place your order.

Does my tub need to be removed?

No, this system is retro-fitted into your existing bathtub. Most of the parts are placed in the recesses of your tub. No messy remodeling is necessary!

How easy is it to install?

We have written instructions to help with installation. Do it yourselfers find it easy to install. Each kit also comes with printed instructions.

Is there a help line?

Yes, call 866-559-1133 for installation assistance during regular weekday business hours.

How do I order a kit?

Click on the Buy Now link on any page or call 866-559-1133 to place an order. You will need to know what material your tub is made of to place an order. We accept all major credit cards and payments through PayPal.

Is there a warranty?

The plastic parts and the pump are guaranteed for 1 year.

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